Lawn Care Services


Now you can keep your residential or commercial property beautiful all year long with our high-quality lawn care and maintenance services. We've served the North Bay area. You can depend on our experienced and fully insured team for excellent workmanship and competitive prices! Call us today for FREE estimates on services to improve your property's appearance!


Tired of removing snow from your sidewalks, driveway, parking lot? Let us clear the snow away for you!! We love doing snow removal, and we have our own shovels, salt and snow blowers!! We do residential services for the North Bay area. We’ll make winter storms easier on you by exceeding your expectations and easing your work load. We offer these snow services: snow blowing, snow shoveling, ice removal, porch and steps snow clearing, sidewalk snow removal, salting, and more for home snow removal.


Some businesses have a call system or receptionist. When you call us, you talk to US! We have a highly personalized business relationship with all of our customers. We are here to assist you. So if you are having trouble with something, ask us about it and we might be able to help. We attempt to go above and beyond the scope of just standard duties to make sure you are completely satified.

Weed Spraying

We have been taking care of your lawn and weeds in a variety of ways. Now we use organic pesticides to remove those unflattering weeds from your lawn. We are provicially licensed for your weed removal needs for both residential and commercial applications. We offer free estimates and a qualified professional ready to assist you in making your lawn look the best it can be. Call us today to learn more!