Reduces soil compaction and allows air and water to the lawn's root system. An overseeding application in conjunction with aeration is suggested.
Dethatching is the process of removing the buildup of dead grass stems between the healthy grass and soil. Heavy thatch buildup absorbs water and fertilizer, preventing the absorption by healthy grass roots. We recommend dethatching once thatch has become too thick. If this is a service your lawn needs, we are here to help.
Regularly overseeding assists in a consistant look and feel of your lawn as well as preventing weed seed from sprouting in your turf. Overseeding 1-2 times a year is highly recommended and is most effective in conjunction with aeration. Give us a call today to beautify your lawn!
No. We only use a snow blower. We feel the look of a professionally cleaned driveway or path can only be accomplished with a snow blower vs a plow. We take pride in not only getting the job done, but we also take pride in our quality of work.